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Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Has Much to Say on Climate Change And COVID

“I think we get hit with sort of the thumping doomsday talk quite a bit," filmmaker Adam Mckay says. "Which, by the way, is totally legit when it comes to climate change. But I did think it was important that people be allowed to laugh and have some distance."

Watch Amy Schumer Critique a Jennifer Lawrence Interview

”Jen is the meanest person I know”

Step Backstage at the Oscars

For 15 years Art Streiber has taken his camera behind the scenes at the movie industry’s most exclusive party: the Academy Awards

The 9 Best Moments of the Golden Globes, as Told in GIFs, Tweets, and Vines

The Golden Globe awards were equal parts Trainwreck and Joy

David Spade Talks Covered Wagons, Assless Chaps, and His Ideal Partner in Crime

The comedian stars in The Ridiculous Six, streaming on Netflix December 11
The Maze Runner:

Freaky Future Friday: Hunger Games Wraps Up and Maze Runnner Gets Real

Check out the newest trailers for two hugely popular dystopian flicks
Hunger Games

Katniss Breaks Out the Big Guns in Final Installment of The Hunger Games

Judging by the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II trailer, Coriolanus Snow is going to wish he had cashed in his retirement plan earlier

True Grit

Jennifer Lawrence is funny, unpretentious, and soaring to a new kind of stardom. Can Hollywood keep up?