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Superba Food + Bread

Topped with mashed avocado or prosciutto and cultured butter, toasted pain au levain forms the backbone of Jason Travi’s (Littlefork) global menu

First Look: Superba Food + Bread Marches to Its Own Beat

Says owner Paul Hibler, "I created a place I can't ever go to because it's like a crack house. I want to eat everything all the time."

Root Sellers

With the nose-to-tail ethos so widespread, more chefs are concentrating on stems and stalks as a complementary counterpoint


One of the earliest L.A. food movements of 2013 is the upscale, East Coast-style seafood shack. The first to showcase this trend is Jason Travi, who has been off our radar since his acclaimed stint at the now-shuttered Fraîche in Culver City.

Sea Fever: Little Fork and Fishing With Dynamite Kick Off Fish Frenzy

A nor’easter seafood wave is coming at us, fast

Larry’s Venice Debuts “Cooking with Friends” Series Tonight with Chef Jason Travi

Chef Jason Travi joins Brendan Collins tonight at Larry's Venice to debut their new monthly "Cooking with Friends" series.