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Jason Momoa ‘Just Wishes’ Will Smith Never Slapped Chris Rock

“Will worked so hard his whole career and Chris Rock is amazing," the actor tells LA Mag at the premiere of "Ambulance"

Hollywood Brief: Zendaya’s Love Triangle, Cate Blanchett As Renegade Nun

Plus, the industry said goodbye to a beloved manager and magazine

Hollywood Brief: Dakota Johnson’s Web, ‘Scream’ Team Returns

Plus, Jason Momoa joins 'Fast 10' and J.J. Abrams has a very busy week
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Jason Momoa Tells the United Nations to Stop “Half-Assing It” on Climate Change

Turns out Aquaman has a real-life interest in sea-level rise
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Why Are We Still So Obsessed with Sexy Fish People?

Pop culture properties are tapping into the deepest depths of our psyches by exploring the deepest depths of the ocean

Dudes Had a Soft Spot for Velvet at the Oscars

And Jason Momoa won the night with that matching velvet scrunchie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Reprise His Role in New Conan Movie

Screenwriter Chris Morgan releases new details about the upcoming The Legend of Conan