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City of Delights: L.A. Chefs Discuss Their Holiday Traditions

Noshing all the way, top chefs share their favorite festive spots for eating and drinking

Where the Chefs Will Eat During DineL.A.

Mary Sue Milliken, Zach Pollack, Michael Hung, Akasha Richmond, and Jessica Christensen look forward to visiting these restaurants

Seven Places to Eat Out for Rosh Hashanah Dinner

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Hunting for L.A.’s Best Deviled Eggs

The Easter classic is all grown up

Pudding On The Ritz

Each decade gets the dessert it deserves. The ’80s had tiramisu; the ’90s, crème brûlée. These days it’s butterscotch budino, with kitchens doing their best to distinguish their versions of the Italian dessert.

20 Eye Opening Breakfasts in L.A.

Rise and shine, Los Angeles! Breakfast is served