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Deal Alert! Half-Off Ramen Coupons for Ramen Week

Ramen shops all across L.A. are cutting prices this week

A Meaty Saga: Check Out Wagyu Week at Katana

(Your cardiologist doesn't have to know.)

The Essential Movie Library #39: Branded to Kill (1967)

This gloriously berserk smudge of a picture got director Seijun Suzuki not just fired but banned from filmmaking for a decade.

You Need This On Your Tongue Right Now

Grilled Beef Tongue Skewers at Chaya Downtown.

Okonomi-what? You’ve Never Had a Pancake Like This Before

At Van Nuy's Hanabishi by Kyushu, try a restrained version of this complex Japanese dish.

DispL.A. Case #50: Japanese Relocation Order

The history of Los Angeles as told through 232 objects.

$5 Daikokuya Ramen & Free Drinks at the Varnish

Their anniversaries mean we get the presents? Sweet! Daikokuya turns 11 and The Varnish turns 4... they grow up so fast!

This Ramen’s Like Buttah!

If Paula Deen and Maruchan joined forces, this is what they'd be selling (and we'd be slurping).