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Best New Restaurant No. 2: Hatfield’s

A celebration of fine dining’s formalism without indulging in overbearing formality

Best New Restaurant No. 3: Waterloo & City

This restaurant has injected the merry gluttony of a gastropub into Culver City

Best New Restaurant No. 4: Cleo

L.A.’s finest brussels sprouts are found here

Best New Restaurant No. 5: Salt’s Cure

This brunch spot will have you counting down the days until the next Sunday morning

Best New Restaurant No. 6: Scarpetta

A rustic Italian outpost in Beverly Hills serving dishes with a personal feel

Best New Restaurant No. 7: Forage

Embracing principles of sustainability without sacrificing flavor

Best New Restaurant No. 8: Savory

A Malibu restaurant whose food is actually worth the extra time in the car

Best New Restaurant No. 9: Culina

An Italian cucina that never loses sight of tradition

Best New Restaurants of 2010

Pork belly dumplings on the 24th floor of a downtown high-rise, crispy cod fritters in Little Tokyo, and roasted jidori chicken in a Malibu minimall—here are L.A.’s tastiest debuts

Best Single-Screen Theaters

Dedicated movie houses may be disappearing across the country, but in L.A. we’re still blessed with an abundance of them, many of which take their aesthetic cues from the...