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L.A. Woman

All the Inspiring Highlights from Los Angeles Magazine’s 5th Annual L.A. Woman Luncheon

Breakup advice from D.A. Jackie Lacey and a call to action from foster care expert Chanel Boutakidis

From One Woman of the Year to Another…

Dr. Jane Pisano, Los Angeles magazine’s 2013 Woman of the Year (and the outgoing president of L.A.’s Natural History Museum), tells our 2014 award winner, Alzheimer’s specialist Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton, what comes next

Los Angeles Magazine’s Third Annual L.A. Woman Luncheon

The kudos circulated along with Nescafe coffee when we held a luncheon at the Sofitel Los Angeles to celebrate the 10 women named L.A. Game Changers in our September issue.