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‘Co**s**ker!’: Inside Story of How My James Ellroy Podcast Episode Went Off the Rails (Video)

A question about online pornography did no go over well with the author

Being James Ellroy

In an exclusive interview for our podcast, the originals, L.A.’s last (and crankiest) literary legend has some deep thoughts about sex, love, fame, posterity, and podcasts, but best not ask him about his girlfriends

Documentary Week on Ask Chris: Shotgun Freeway

Ride in the back of a convertible for a drive through lost L.A.
Walt Disney

See the Strangest Items in Bonham’s Big Movie Auction

A sketch of a rat by Walt Disney and these crazy Stay-Puft marshmallow hands will go to the highest bidder
LAPD ’53

Night at the Museum: True Crime Edition

Get locked up tonight with James Ellroy and Glynn Martin, authors of LAPD '53
Spend Your Weekend in L.A.

8 Excellent Ways to Spend Your Weekend in L.A.

A Harry Potter marathon, live flamenco, tropical punk rock, and real life L.A. noir

James Ellroy and Glynn Martin Revisit the LAPD’s Grim Archives in LAPD ‘53

The coauthors give readers a glimpse into the city's macabre past
The Goast Network

6 Books You Need to Read This May

From secret societies to true crime to zombie wars, the gods of literature have smiled upon us this month

L.A.’s Top Literary Events in December

James Ellroy, a Literary Death Match field trip, and more
pacific dining car

Where’s the Beef? James Ellroy’s Favorite L.A. Spots for Steak

The writer explores the WWII era in his new book, Perfidia, out September 9. He revisits his favorite places for a great cut of beef