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Right-Wing Hoaxster Jacob Wohl Surrenders to Authorities for Massive Robocall Scam

The 22-year-old from Riverside is accused of orchestrating a misinformation campaign to discourage Michigan Democrats from voting by mail
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Republican Hoaxster Jacob Wohl Accused of Helping Orchestrate a Fake FBI Raid This Morning

The FBI says it didn't stage a raid at GOP conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman's home this morning, contrary to Burkman's claims
jacob wohl

Did Serial Hoaxer Jacob Wohl Try to Take Down Dr. Fauci with Phony Assault Accusations?

A local woman claims the right-wing agitator from Riverside brought her into a scheme intended to discredit the public health expert
jacob wohl

Has Jacob Wohl Finally Scammed His Way into Prison?

A Trump-obsessed 21-year-old from Riverside became famous for launching smear campaigns against GOP opponents. Now his latest scheme has him in the hot seat