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Chadwick Boseman Was the Right Actor for Every Role He Took—and Always Right When We Needed Him to Be

Whether he was Jackie Robinson or the King of Wakanda, the late actor always brought gravitas and irresistible magnetism to the screen

CityDig: In the 1920s, L.A.’s All-Black White Sox Had Their Own Boyle Heights Ballpark

It was an era of segregation, but that didn't stop baseball legends like Oscar Charleston and Biz Mackey

Foam Finger: Gearing Up for Jackie Robinson Triple Play Day

For a limited time, the Sports Museum of Los Angeles' private collection of rare memorabilia will spotlight Jackie Robinson and Negro League items

On His Way: Archival Coverage of Jackie Robinson, College Sports Star

Robinson may be remembered best for the cultural impact his baseball career and personal character had on the civil rights movement, but his lesser-known record as a local college athlete is no less impressive.

Home Base: How Jackie Robinson’s Early Life in L.A. Made Him a Baseball Legend

42, the new biopic about the Dodger icon, is certainly a Brooklyn tale, but Robinson was an Angeleno, and his formative years here shaped him into a gifted athlete and savvy tactician

Grateful Dead

Marilyn Monroe has endorsed cars. Humphrey Bogart's face is on slot machines. Fred Astaire has danced with a vacuum. W.C. Fields sells everything. These stars may be among the dearly departed, but they're earning more money than ever, thanks to the strange but lucrative business of deceased celebrity licensing