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David Lacey, Husband of Former L.A. District Attorney, Has Died at 68

The husband of Lacey notoriously met BLM protesters who'd appeared at his front door with a handgun, died of cancer on Sept. 5
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New DA George Gasc贸n Announces Big Law Enforcement Reforms on Day One

L.A. County's new top prosecutor is already at odds with the LAPD and their union

District Attorney Jackie Lacey Concedes to Challenger George Gasc贸n in Emotional Speech

After eight years in office and amid widespread outcry from social justice activists, the controversial DA is out
gascon sexual harassment george gascon district attorneys office

A Former LAPD Officer Alleges Sexual Harassment by DA Candidate George Gasc贸n

Gasc贸n鈥檚 campaign strongly denies the allegations, which were reported by freelance journalist Yashar Ali
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Mayor Garcetti Officially Endorses Jackie Lacey’s Challenger in the DA’s Race

After initially endorsing the controversial incumbent, the mayor throws his support behind progressive challenger George Gasc贸n
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DA Jackie Lacey Has Recused Herself from the Daniel Hernandez Shooting Case

Lacey's office won't decide whether charges are filed against LAPD officer Toni McBride, daughter of a powerful police union figure
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Gavin Newsom Throws His Support Behind DA Jackie Lacey’s Challenger George Gasc贸n

The governor and San Francisco's former police chief have history
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DA Jackie Lacey’s Husband Is Being Charged for Pulling a Gun on BLM Protesters

The incident in question took place a day before the March 3 primary election
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Protesters Staged a Nighttime Demonstation at DA Jackie Lacey’s House

An activist group called Black Future Project caravanned to Granada Hills Thursday night to call for the embattled DA to resign
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Exclusive: Jackie Lacey Blasts George Gasc贸n in Ferocious Attack Ad

As her opponent gains ground among progressives and protesters, the incumbent DA wants people to 'just ask George' about his record on police misconduct