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‘Confused’ Huckster Anna Sorokin Misses Deportation Flight, Stuck in ICE Custody

The grifter's lawyer has filed for a stay of deportation

Anna Sorokin’s Victim Says ‘Inventing Anna’ Producers Got Duped by Her, Too

Former Vanity Fair editor Rachel Williams got suckered out of $62K by Anna Sorokin. Now she says Netflix made a hero of the scammer

What to Stream This Weekend: ‘Inventing Anna,’ ‘The Girl Before’

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‘Inventing Anna’ Review: A Rorschach Test for How You Feel About the American Dream

Shonda Rhimes’ limited Netflix series will leave you wondering if famous fake German heiress Anna Delvey is a shrewd grifter or some kind of class-vaulting, feminist hero — or both.