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Do We Really Need Waiters Anymore?

The Intolerable Foodie thinks not

How to Be a Pothead Without Eating Like One

The Intolerable Foodie talks tokes for toques

L.A.’s Restaurant Scene Isn’t Really the Best in the Nation—Yet

Resident intolerable foodie Joel Stein takes Angelenos to task for their collective frat bro palate

The Intolerable Foodie: Tipping Is Just Economically Represented Guilt

Waitstaff salaries shouldn’t be pulled out from menu prices any more than electricity bills or health inspector bribes
food deliver

Intolerable Foodie: Delivery Food Is Just an IV Drip with Flavor Choices

A rash of companies will now drive restaurant dishes to my house—but does the food deliver?

Intolerable Foodie: Storage Wars

Collecting wine isn’t as easy as it looks, but it’s just as obnoxious

Intolerable Foodie: For the Table

New apps let you buy high-demand restaurant reservations—like a schmuck

Intolerable Foodie: Special Delivery

Joel Stein extols the saintly virtues of online grocery shopping

The Most Intolerable Grocery List Ever

Why spending $10 on peanut butter makes Joel Stein that much better than you