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tiktok trends march

A Simpler Time: The Internet Is Nostalgic for Last March

TikTok trends that blew up during the very beginning of the pandemic have become an unlikely source of comfort
vaccine selfies

Vaccine Selfies May Be Clogging Your Feed, but They’re Also Doing Good

According to one expert, normalizing the process for others outweighs the risk of inspiring FOMO in your followers
jojo siwa

Jojo Siwa’s Coming Out Is as Remarkable as It Seems

According to LGBTQ youth advocates, the kid-friendly pop star's big announcement could have a big impact
matzo ball

On the Lookout for Love at the (Virtual) Matzo Ball

On Christmas Eve, I sailed off on an online journey to find a savory Jewish date. Instead, I ended up in the soup
caroline ricke

How Caroline Ricke Became TikTok’s Elle Woods

The internet sensation's rich-girl act took her from college to a content house

Chances Are, You’re Only Tapping Into a Fraction of the Free Films Available Online

Film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum steers you toward the internet’s more obscure riches rather than the same old, same old
kylie jenner blackfishing

Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Coronavirus Outing Revives ‘Blackfishing’ Chatter

Barefoot and smiling, the mogul was snapped looking plenty different during the pandemic
where was the internet invented

50 Years Ago, the First Internet Message Was Dispatched from UCLA

Before there was Google or Facebook there was ARPANET, a rudimentary network that laid the groundwork for a revolution in technology

These L.A. Parks, Pools, and Beaches Have Free Wifi, the Most Important Natural Resource of All

Because the sun is out and you should be outside (but not outside like a caveman)