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TikTok and Insta Users Demand De-Platforming for Dangerous Influencer

Andrew Tate is accused of advocating misogyny, homophobia, and violence to an audience of young boys across social media

Family Sues Meta Over Daughter’s Anorexia and Self-harm

Lawyers for Alexis Spence claim her "addictive" use of Instagram caused her to suffer from an eating disorder and thoughts of suicide

Social Media’s Dark Reign Over CA Kids’ Mental Health May Be Ending

A bill looking to address this all-to-common and deadly serious phenomenon found support as it passed a key hurdle in the California Assembly

OnlyFans Star Says She Bedded Meta Losers to Get Her Instagram Back

The strategy of sleeping with Meta employees was successful, and “I’d 100% do it again,” says Kitty Lixo, adding that Meta-mates fed her info
cookie sims booty doctor

Fitness Influencer Ca’Shawn ‘Cookie’ Sims Has Been Found Safe

The Instagram influencer known to fans as the Booty Doctor was reported missing earlier this week
brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift Is Getting a Big Boost from Social Media

Patients are heading to plastic surgeons in search of Instagram-worthy posteriors. Doctors can't work miracles, but they can strategically move some fat around
girl boss

Is Being a ‘Girl Boss’ a Bad Thing? It’s Complicated

On TikTok and Instagram, a term that used to embody Millennial female empowerment has become a way to mock capitalism, superficial activism, and more
beverly hills police

Activists Say Beverly Hills Cops Are Playing Music to Keep Themselves Off Instagram

The department tells Vice that one particularly incident featuring Sublime's hit "Santeria" is "currently under review"

Some L.A. Social Media Influencers Are Moving to Texas Too

A handful of celebs and business types have fled the Southland in recent months, and it looks like influencers are getting in on the trend
breakdown gen

The Generation That Broadcasts Its Breakdowns

How malaise became an influencer trend that's about more than just being trendy