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Here’s How Two Hollywood Packrats Changed the Way You See Old Movies

The vintage movie collections from these superfans are headed to auction this month

Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words

The documentary about the actress was a hit at Cannes this year, showcasing rare home videos, diary entries, and interviews with family members

12 Fun Things to Do This Weekend, 12/11

’Tis the season to enjoy choir music, water conservation, and tennis

The Essential Movie Library #49: Notorious (1946)

Anticipating Rear Window, Vertigo (Essential Movie Library #2), and Psycho in the 1950s and early '60s, this is the movie where director Alfred Hitchcock started messing with people’s hearts as well as their heads.

Counter-Programming: What Movies to Watch this Weekend if You Want to Avoid the Blockbusters

With the Los Angeles Film Festival behind us and summer blockbusters (Man of Steel, World War Z, The Lone Ranger) hitting multiplexes weekly, it's nice to know there are some under-the-radar alternatives.

The Essential Movie Library #6: Casablanca (1942)

The story of exiles, nomads, Nazis, and resistance fighters caught in limbo during WWII is familiar, but when exactly did you last watch it?