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Beloved L.A. Influencer Emma Chamberlain Returns to Youtube

After an absence that left fans jonesing for her unique take on everyday life, plus the Met Gala, Chamberlain is once again a font of content

Some L.A. Social Media Influencers Are Moving to Texas Too

A handful of celebs and business types have fled the Southland in recent months, and it looks like influencers are getting in on the trend
yoga wellness influencer plandemic conspiracy

Why Are Wellness Influencers Pushing the ‘Plandemic’ Conspiracy Video?

A handful of prominent social media personalities seem have pivoted from wellness and fashion to corona-conspiracies and anti-vaccine rhetoric
snapstar dolls

There Are Now Terrifying “Social Media Influencer” Dolls for Children

The eyes are as cold and dead as a real influencer
lori loughlin daughters oliva jade isabella rose college scandal

The Daughters Lori Loughlin Allegedly Committed Fraud for Would Rather Be Influencers Than Students Anyway

Knowledge is power–just not as much power as 1.9 million YouTube followers
Fisher Family Taytum Oakley Influencer

Halston Fisher Has 62,000 Instagram Followers–She Just Hasn’t Been Born Yet

For the Fishers, social media influence is a family affair

How YouTuber LaurDIY Became the Millennial Martha Stewart

Lauren Riihimaki has turned how-to videos into big business