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Eric Garcetti’s Passage to India Sails Through a Senate Vote

The seemingly endless confirmation process should end Wednesday, nearly two years after Joe Biden nominated the now-former Los Angeles mayor

Now, Eric Garcetti’s Mom and Dad Are Lobbying for that Ambassadorship

While some Senate Dems may be abandoning Eric Garcetti’s ship to India, his parents have hired power-playing lobbyists for the embattle mayor

Sen. Schumer Casts Doubt on Garcetti’s India Ambassadorship

Chuck Schumer admits that Garcetti’s nomination as ambassador to India might be sunk after for the time being
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The Garcetti-to-India Waiting Game Has Pushed L.A. into Political Purgatory

Two months after rumors of an ambassadorship started circulating, Los Angeles still doesn't know if its mayor will stay or go—and that uncertainty could have ramifications
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If Garcetti Goes to India, Who’ll Step In as Interim Mayor?

The chatter that President Joe Biden will soon nominate Mayor Eric Garcetti to be the next U.S. Ambassador to India is growing deafening. Numerous media outlets are reporting that...
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UCLA’s Fight to Patent a Life-Saving Cancer Drug Could Make the Medicine Virtually Unobtainable in India

The university once promised to take into account the needs of patients in developing countries. The battle over prostate cancer drug Xtandi has critics questioning its dedication to that pledge

Eight Cultural Festivals We Love

You don’t have to turn to Expedia to get hip to the global cultures of L.A.

R.I.P. Ravi Shankar

Last month, we had a chance to talk with the 92-year-old sitar maestro before his final concert.