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In-N-Out Is Suing Its Insurance Company for Not Covering a COVID Claim

The burger chain says its policy covers "entirely unknown and novel risks that may arise which were not previously considered by the company"
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Rep In-N-Out Down to Your Feet with These Official Shoes

The slip-ons bear the brand’s iconic cup print
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Sean Hannity Definitely Doesn’t Know What In-N-Out’s “Animal Style” Is

The Fox News pundit is dishing up bunk burger advice
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Puma Dropped a Sneaker that Looks Suspiciously In-N-Out-ish–and In-N-Out Isn’t Stoked

The fast food chain says it’s considering legal action against the shoe brand

These 13 Innovations Changed the World—and They All Originated in L.A.

From fast food and gangster rap to skateboarding and the internet, these origin stories are set in SoCal
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Your Favorite Burger Chain Just Donated a Bunch of Money to the Republican Party

In-N-Out just dropped $25,000 into the GOP’s coffers

In-N-Out Drive Thru Lines Are a Public Menace, and Here’s How They Can Be Stopped

They're too long and cars leak out into the street and block traffic and cause accidents and something must be done

In-N-Out Has a Veggie Burger Problem, and Here’s How They Can Solve It

The answer has been right in front of them all along