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Deported, Without A Country To Call Home

More than 2 million people have been forced out of the country since 2010 and are now caught in a legal no-man’s land
American Apparel

American Apparel’s New Message Tee Says a Lot About the Company’s Re-Branding

The shirt supports undocumented Angelenos—and the retailer’s carefully crafted new image

A Primer on Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration

The president’s use of power isn’t historic, but it does change how officials will handle cases of undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles and across the country

From Refugees to Hollywood Kings: Light & Noir at the Skirball Explores the Shadows of Hollywood History

Laugh at the Nazis, fear the femme fatales, and ogle the Oscar statues

What Happens Next for the Children Garcetti Vowed to Help

The CCF has funds—and a vision—in place

Child Support: Garcetti Says L.A. Will Help Shelter Detained Immigrant Minors

What will happen to the young victims of the immigration crisis? Some may become Angelenos

Deporting Justin Bieber

Could it really happen here?