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Review: Idris Elba’s Killer Lion Movie “Beast” Has Teeth, Albeit Little Logic

Baltasar Kormákur’s thriller will be worth a watch on Peacock in a few weeks but you may want to skip the theater
idris elba coachella 2019 lineup

Kanye Isn’t Playing Coachella 2019—but Idris Elba Is

The April fest's full lineup has a few surprises

The Film Independent Spirit Awards are Like the Oscars, Only with More Sand and Swearing

You gotta love an award show with two Kates and a lot of Idris Elba

Carol Burnett Longs for Cleverness Backstage at the SAG Awards

And leaves her Life Achievement Award on the podium … again
Star Trek

Trekkies: Set Phasers to Give

There are still a few more days to ante up and win a walk-on role on Star Trek Beyond

Watch the Arresting Debut Trailer for Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation

The streaming service's first original film premieres October 16

The Emmys: Backstage Scoop and Governors Ball Gossip

There weren’t too many surprises onstage—but there were some fun ones backstage

BAFTA LA’s Britannia Awards

Last year Daniel Day Lewis conversed with a chair. This year, Sacha Baron Cohen pushed a chair (with someone in it) off stage