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Hit the Ice at These L.A. Skating Rinks

From the beach to Burbank, the icy opportunities abound

Consider This a Reminder To Enjoy Pershing Square’s Ice-Skating Rink Before It’s Too Late

Lace up and enjoy some of these fun seasonal events while you still can

Woodland Hills Ice

Enjoy skating, snacks, and even karaoke here.

Let’s Pretend We Have Winter in L.A.

Winters in L.A. hardly deserve the seasonal title. But down in L.A. County's equivalent of the South Pole—i.e., Long Beach—the folks behind a permanently stationary ocean liner have created a wonderland for both kids and adults.

Ice Ice, Baby: A Roundup of L.A.’s Ice Rinks

Aside from apocalyptic disaster movies, we rarely see snow in sunny Los Angeles. That doesn't mean we can't bring winter to us. This is Hollywood. If Tobey Maguire can become an action hero and Denise Richards can play a nuclear physicist, then we can have ice rinks with nary a snowflake in sight. Grab a friend, a thermos of hot chocolate, and an adventurous spirit as you become a blade runner -- not like a futuristic detective who hunts down renegade robots, more like Kristi Yamaguchi.