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The 37 Most L.A. Ways to Die

Living in paradise is risky business

Why Is Brunch Still a Thing?

It’s time to have a long-overdue conversation about those bottomless mimosas

Every Parent Who Does This One Thing Is a Terrible Parent

And we have the weak anecdotes and spurious science to prove it

Adjectives Are Stupid

It’s time to have a national conversation about modifying our nouns and pronouns

Avocados Wait for No Man

Food expiration dates: personified

Take The Los Angeles Subway Tour of New York City

Experience New York the way generations have—in a state of rushing panic, interrupted only by bouts of disgust

The Moment You Realize Your Soul Belongs to Los Angeles

When you know you’ve gone native

Every Word and Phrase On The Internet That Should Be Banished Back to Hell

An arbitrary list that’s also 100 percent objective

All The Soul-Sucking Corporate Phrases Everyone Loathes, Interpreted

Let’s just go ahead and circle back to that

If I Die in This Whole Foods Parking Lot: A Letter to My Family

A shopper’s final thoughts as he circles a Whole Foods parking lot