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Which Streaming Services Do You Really Need?

Let our handy flowchart be your guide
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Quibi Is Almost Here. Will Audiences Bite?

Short-form streaming app Quibi is betting on bite-sized attention spans
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Both Fyre Fest Documentaries Have Issues (but, Yeah, We’re Obsessed Anyway)

Following the money and methodologies of Netflix and Hulu’s competing films

Elisabeth Moss Returns, Triumphantly, to the Top of the Lake

The star reprises her role in a new must-watch miniseries

New Shows from Amy Poehler and Chris Nolan’s Brother Get Greenlit

She heads to Hulu while he'll be working for HBO

The Musical Artists of East Los High You Need to Hear

A fresh crop of emerging talent writes a streetwise soundtrack for the second season of the Hulu series

Route 66 Comes to TV Today

The classic '60s TV series and other cool summer events offer a look back at the "Mother Road"

Your Television is About to Get Burritofied

Chipotle partners with Hulu, stuffs TV show with sarcasm

“East Los High”: Groundbreaking or Stereotypical?

With the first ever all-Latino cast in an English-language series, East Los High has been hailed as a groundbreaking show. Whether it lives up to the hype is a matter of debate.