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Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special and Will Ferrell’s Favorite Party

Last night’s SNL threw an enormous bash. One of the show’s alums remembers his first after-party

Partying with Pink and Carey Hart

What's the singer's idea of a good time? It might not be what you’d think…

Get Ready to Party in 2015

Twelve more reasons to look forward to a new year

Is it Cool to Control Your Guests’ Social Media Flow?

Pictures of your intimate soiree will hit Facebook, and uninvited friends will get jealous
Mix and Mingle

8 Types of People You Must Invite to Have a Perfect Party

Events live or die by their attendees, so consider the theory we call “the Tipsy Point”: 20 percent of partygoers generate 80 percent of the fun. The rest of us suck down drinks and ride their wave

Holiday Host Survivalist: How to Keep Party Guests Out of Your Kitchen

Partygoers are drawn to the hub of a home like magnets to a refrigerator. But there are ways to keep them out

How to Throw the Perfect Major Bash

Whether it’s your first fund-raiser or the big 5-0, this is more than a party—it’s a milestone. The right location and some epic details will make it one of a kind
DJ Valida

How to Throw the Perfect Dance Fest

What was it George Clinton said? Free your mind and your ass will follow? Sometimes you need to turn that around with a party that liberates the body first

How to Throw the Perfect Intimate Soiree

The best cocktail parties are the ones that overcome what might be called “the Goldilocks conundrum”: not too big, not too small, but just right

How to Throw the Perfect Dinner Party

When the head count expands to more than five, planning a feast can become a nightmare. Do yourself (and your guests) a favor: hire a small-scale caterer so you can handle the finishing touches