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How L.A. Works: Your Commute

Millions pulse through L.A.’s lattice of roads and railways each day. The infrastructure is so intricate, we crafted a fictive model to capture how we make our way through the city

How L.A. Works: Your Home

From solar energy to plumbing, breaking down the ins and outs of your abode

How L.A. Works: Sunrise Spotting

Congratulations. You’ve lived to see another day in L.A. Time to catch the sunrise—how about Runyon Canyon?

How L.A. Works: Your Job

See an array of typical L.A. jobs and what they pay

How L.A. Works: The Klieg Light

Brothers Anton and Johann Kliegl invented a high-powered searchlight in the early 20th century. Throw on a pair of shades and take a closer look

L.A.’s Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control System

Located in the City Hall annex downtown, ATSAC monitors and adjusts the timing of traffic signals at every intersection

Levitated Mass

Here’s how L.A.’s giant rock holds up

The Chinese Theatre’s Forecourt to the Stars

How the famous cement walkway gets set

The Jets Set

Since 2002, millions of shoppers have stopped at the Grove’s fountain to take in the musical dancing waters. Here is how it works

Film Forum

The Cinerama Dome, home to the vintage wide-screen Cinerama format (think of it as the IMAX of its day), turns 50 on November 3. In honor of the iconic theater, which was renovated by its ArcLight Cinema owners in 2002, we take a closer look under the lid