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How L.A. Works: Chinatown’s Grand Entrance

Here’s how the entry point has held up over time

How L.A. Works: Beach Berms

Between February and March the berms go bye-bye, so appreciate their hard work while they’re here

How L.A. Works: Water Mains

As discussions about our city's water infrastructure pick up, here’s what’s bubbling below our feet

How L.A. Works: A DUI

What happens when things don't go after you enter the cone zone

How L.A. Works: Trois Mec’s Take on Eggplant Parmesan (Plus Reservations)

A “simple” dish that is anything but easy

How L.A. Works: Parking Violations

You can park, but you can't hide

How L.A. Works: Your Ride Home After Last Call

Cabs still dominate, but rideshare services have driven a hole through traditional taxis’ market share

How L.A. Works: Earthquakes

In the natural disaster lottery, L.A. could have it much worse. Earthquakes are rarely deadly, but they are destructive. Understanding what’s happening can help you prepare

How L.A. Works: Juice Crafters’ Pacific Love Smoothie

Even a drink that sounds healthful can be a calorie bomb. Weighing in at a spandex-splitting 476, this 16-ounce smoothie is a meal*, not a mid-afternoon snack

How L.A. Works: Your Fitness Routine

Hitting the gym is a near-daily ritual (because here we stack weights, not pancakes). You crunch those abs; we crunched the numbers