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los angeles city hall

Taking a Closer Look at L.A. City Hall

The ins and outs of a DTLA landmark

How the Stars in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Get Made

A person nicknamed "Stargirl" wields a surprising amount of power

How L.A. Works: Smart Trash Cans

Bins with Wi-Fi capability—and, in some cases, solar-powered trash compactors—are helping to make overflowing receptacles a thing of the past
How L.A. Works

How L.A. Works: Road Repairs

Eight to ten crews roam the streets daily to patch pavement. Here’s how
Bounce House

How L.A. Works: Bounce House

Kick off your shoes and take a tour of this plastic castle
Body Cameras

How L.A. Works: Body Cameras

The LAPD is testing 860 Taser AXON wearable recording devices in four divisions

How L.A. Works: Coyotes

While they still need natural space to raise their young, coyotes are seasoned city dwellers. Here’s how they roam
How L.A. Works

How L.A. Works: School Lunches

The National School Lunch Act was passed in 1946 after an alarming number of World War II draftees turned up too malnourished to serve.