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My LA to Z: Gina Carano

The MMA fighter and star of thriller In The Blood can't get enough of the South Bay's good eats. She tells us where to find a top-notch champagne brunch, tacos to cure hangovers, and a local eatery with a Cheers vibe

Here’s the Paperwork to Prove it: PETA *is* Suing Hot’s Kitchen for Serving Foie Gras

PETA is suing Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach for continuing to serve foie gras—duck or goose liver that’s been fattened by force-feeding—despite the statewide ban on it that was enacted this past July.

PETA Sues Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach for Serving Foie Gras

You can't sell foie gras in California, but can you give it away? Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach thinks so, PETA thinks not. Now, it's up to the courts to decide.