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A Tale of Two Audis: Test Driving the RS7 and A3

The RS7 was designed for those with dough, but consider the A3 a gateway Audi

In Defense of the 2014 Porsche Macan

The Gentleman Journalist argues that the Cayenne's newer, younger sibling is the perfect L.A. car. PLUS: Why arguments against Porsche SUVs are “pure poppycock”

California Drivin’: Where Mercedes Meets Mulholland

The Gentleman Journalist reflects on the G63 and where to drive it.

Lady Driver: Ferrari Faux-Pas

Let's talk about something I will never do again: mistake a Lamborghini for a Ferrari.

Lady Driver: Behind The Wheel Of Bentley’s New Flying Spur

A joyride through the newest in L.A.'s car culture