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L.A. Beer Week: Two New Local Beers & Two Weekend Beer Events

Double IPAs, red milds, Limburger nachos, arm wrestling, and more.

Recipe: Chillin’ Out with the Hot Knives’ Toasted Corn Ice Cream

A sweet and seasonal sampling of the L.A. cooking duo's shiny new book, Lust for Leaf.

Hot Knives: Kohlrabi Latkes Recipe Plus a “White Christmas” Beer & Cheese Pairing at Eagle Rock Brewery

Veggie bloggers The Hot Knives share their kohlrabi latkes recipe and a "White Christmas" beer & cheese pairing at Eagle Rock Brewery.

Hot Knives: The Men, The Myths, The Legends

One of my favorite blogs on the planet is Hot Knives, the brainchild of Evan George and Alex Brown, a strange if not hilarious vegetarian duo that make me laugh almost as hard as they make me want to cook everything they post. And even though I plan on destroying them when I go up against them (and several others) at the Tony’s Darts Away Vegan Chili Cook-Off Face-Off this Sunday, I have to seriously admit how much I dig what they do. As we gear up for the competition, I caught up with them via email to learn more about these fine fellows, their blog, and what they dig most about L.A. Only part of what they say should be taken seriously.