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Blaze Destroys Tiny Homes Built for Homeless Vets in West L.A.

The 8'-by-8' shelters destroyed in the fire were meant to help homeless veterans transition to stable, permanent housing

KILLING BETTY WILLIS: Why Has the Soul Singer’s Murderer Not Been Prosecuted? (Exclusive)

Over four and a half years after the murder of Betty Willis, the suspect in custody has not faced trial in Orange County

Bringing Care to the Homeless Pets of L.A.

Many dogs currently living in L.A. shelters are going weeks or months without a walk or any time outside; the Melrose Vet is helping end this

L.A. City Council Rejects Proposal Forcing Hotels to House the Homeless

”We’re relieved that the council saw this for the political stunt that it is,” says the CEO of the Hotel Association of Los Angeles

Anaheim Trash King Wants Homeless to Live in Boyle Heights Sears

Developer and waste management professional Bill Taormina thinks it won't be “anything like a prison" if he can warehouse the unhoused

San Fernando Valley’s First Homeless Shelter Honors the Late Alex Trebek

“Sadly, Alex passed away before I had the opportunity to tell him about this new site, but he did know his donation would go towards a homeless shelter,” HoTV Founder-CEO tells LAMag

MacArthur Park Reopens After Four-Month Closure

The park reopened Tuesday after undergoing more than $1.5 million in renovations

City Attorney Candidate Faisal Gill Has New Approach for L.A.’s Homeless

“We all hear about the homeless crisis and what we think caused it… but nobody actually goes and talks to them," he tells LAMag
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Three Women Charged for Stealing $400,000 Meant for L.A.’s Homeless

Three women have been charged with 56 felonies, including grand theft and embezzlement, for an alleged scheme to rip off hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds that...
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Homeless Encampments Banned in 54 Los Angeles Locations

Using a controversial law passed this summer which limits where people can sit, lie down or sleep in the city, the Los Angeles City Council banned those activities at...