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Everybody Loves Birdman, Especially The Golden Globes

Selma gets redeemed, St. Vincent gets remembered, Mad Men gets snubbed

The Writer’s Room: Tim Kring

DBA goes literary in this monthly talk with Reza Aslan

Showtime’s Holiday Party

Where all your favorite premium cable show folks go to celebrate the season

Patriot Games

Following the machinations of "Homeland" can make you crazy. Especially if you try to make sense of them

Abu Nazir Is Alive And Well

Premium cable terrorists never die—they just go to Malibu.

Jessica Paré

The much-envied actress (she plays Don Draper’s wife on Mad Men) talks werewolves, hoarding, and competitive yoga

Homeland for the Holidays: 5 Christmas Party Pullovers For A Very Abu Nazir Christmas

Every decent villain has a signature style quirk: Bond villain? White cat. The Joker? Green hair and red lipstick.Mind-controlling terrorist leader hitting a holiday party? Cozy Christmas sweater.

How Abu Nazir Found Christmas

Look who was hiding in plain sight at Showtime’s annual holiday bash.