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Facing Massive Johnny Depp Debt, Amber Heard Sells Yucca Desert Hideaway

Heard didn’t even use the modest Mohave house she bought in 2019 until the trial started, and now she is selling her refuge
conversation pit

The Conversation Pit Is Making a Comeback

These sunken treasures of the ’60s and ’70s have been unearthed and modernized for the postpandemic era
around the house

6 Things You Can Do Around the House to Feel Mentally Better

Easy—and affordable—ways to make your space better for you

This Corner in East Hollywood Is Secretly One of L.A.’s Hippest Micro-Hoods

An inside guide to the glow-up underway at Hel-Mel

Living Large By Living Small

Get your hands dirty at the Craft & Folk Art Museum’s tiny house workshop

Take a Stroll Through the Life Walt Disney Lived in Los Feliz Back in 1923

Spend three hours exploring the magical mogul's old haunts
The Swatch Box

The Swatch Box Is the Stich Fix of Home Decor

Sign up, fill out an online questionnaire, and find beautiful items at your doorstep

Trompe L’oeil Goes Digital

Remake your walls without tearing up the house

Party House of the Month: Photographers Phillip Dixon and Veronique Vial’s Venice Home

Barney’s New York partnered with jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth to debut her new fragrance at a rockin’ pad