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Inside Hollywood’s Orgasm Cult

With the support of stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Daedone built a lucrative empire on the promise of a 15-minute female orgasm, but what seemed like sexual salvation to some was denounced as sexploitation by many others.

Emmy Rossum is Angelyne in Peacock’s New Limited Series—But Don’t Call it A Biopic

"I was interested in telling this kind of kaleidoscopic narrative of all the different stories that are out there about her," actress tells Los Angeles magazine

Possible Hepatitis Exposure Reported at West Hollywood Juice Bar

A food handler at a WeHo juice bar tested positive for hepatitis A on Friday, county health officials warn

L.A. Pride Parade Dumps West Hollywood for Hollywood

The first pride parade in Los Angeles County began at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard in 1970

COVID Omicron: Will the New Variant Wreck the Holiday Movie Season?

No one’s entirely sure what the new COVID variant can do, but Hollywood is ready to panic
pink's hot dogs pink's square los angeles

L.A. Hot Dog Landmark Pink’s Is Back Open for the First Time in Months

After an employee contracted COVID-19, owners decided to shut down in January until conditions improved
edna jane's bbq

Edna Jane’s BBQ Brings a Taste of the Carolinas to a Hollywood Side Street

A North Carolina-bred recording engineer turned a hobby into a tasty cottage industry

You Should Really Go Funko Yourself

The beloved maker of those little vinyl collectibles is finally offering fans a chance to create personalized Pops
hollywood con queen

FBI Busts ‘Con Queen of Hollywood’ After Years of Alleged International Scams

A 41-year-old man with a flair for accents is accused of impersonating a slew of powerful women in the industry
con man

A Creepy Con Man Is Impersonating an Oscar-Winning Director to Scam Actresses

More than a dozen woman say the've been contacted by a lewd imposter claiming to be British director Hugh Welchman