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Brendan Fraser Reaffirms His Star Power

Having endured decades in the Hollywood wilderness, the actor is back, bringing a performance of fatalism and fortitude to "The Whale"

15 Minutes With Visionary Artist William Kentridge

With exhibitions open across the world, and especially a hugely successful one in L.A., the artist reflects on Hollywood and his films

Quentin Tarantino’s Sustained Coolness (And Why It Matters)

In the last decade of his life, Peter Bogdanovich lived, like his friend and mentor Orson Welles before him, low on money, from guest house to guest house. Staying...

Ask Chris: The Fate of the Coins Tossed Into Disneyland Fountains

Email any of your burning questions about Los Angeles to [email protected]

LAUSD Will Supply All Schools with Narcan After 7 Fentanyl ODs

The L.A. school district is responding after at least 7 Hollywood area high school fentanyl overdoses and one death in one month

The Kawaller Report: Schmoozing with Hollywood’s Haute Elite

Reporter Ben Kawaller went to the one-year anniversary of a swanky Hollywood bar to talk to people who are cooler than him—or are they?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Girlfriend Falls to the 25-Year Itch

The actor and girlfriend Camilla Morrone, 25, have broken up. There is no documented evidence of DiCaprio having a girlfriend 26 or older...

The Cobrasnake Shots From the Hip

A photo retrospective by the founder of the Cobrasnake recalls the wild and wondrous L.A. club scene of the aughts

Funding For Increased Police Presence in Hollywood Approved

On Wednesday, the L.A. City Council approved $216,000 to go towards Hollywood LAPD to reduce crime in the area

LAPD Sending 200 More Cops to Hollywood as Violent Crimes Surge

L.A. has tried to be on the most progressive cutting edge of crime deterrence, but crime is rampant and people are sick of it