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What’s Inside a Golden Globes Gift Bag, and Other Awards Night Tidbits

From booze to jewels to home baking kits, the $3500 swag bags for Golden Globes nominees are laden with gaudy treasure

The Globes Are Coming! The Troubled Awards Show Stages a Comeback

The Golden Globes return to NBC after a two-year absence marked by scandal, but ratings will decide if it's the shortest comeback ever

Golden Globe Nominations Are Announced After a Year’s Hiatus

The controversial Hollywood Foreign Press Association claims all sorts of reforms, and NBC will broadcast the show on January 10, 2023

The Beleaguered Golden Globes Are Back—At Least for a Year

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has managed to clinch a one-year deal to get the show back on NBC in early January

Reports of a Golden Globes Return May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Hollywood trades can't get their sources to agree if and when the awards will return to NBC—but “Sunday Night Football" moves for no one

Are the Golden Globe Awards Coming Back to Life?

After a variety of scandals threatened to end the Globes, there's a scheme to save the show by cutting it from the body that governed it

The Non-Golden Globes Announce Winners in Extremely Bizarre Year

Bet Ricky Gervais' "controversial" monologues are looking really appealing to Hollywood right about now

The Embattled Golden Globes Hires First Ever Chief Diversity Officer

Neil Phillips was named to the new post just months after it was revealed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had no Black members
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Responding to Backlash, the Group Behind the Golden Globes Admits Six Black Members

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association says it's "growing an inclusive environment"