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Got Bupkis for Brisket? Leave Passover to the Pros

Because “Overcooked Lamb Shank” wasn’t one of the plagues.

11 Irish Coffees to Shamrock Your Saint Paddy’s Day

Because mixing uppers and downers is the secret to Irish luck

37 Delicious Ways to Welcome the New Year

Start 2013 with a belly full of turkey schnitzel at Bierbeisl, uni and scallop tiradito at Mo-Chica, or all-you-can-drink beer at Golden Road. From $1,000 VIP to casual and a la carte, we’ve got your night covered.

Recipe: Damn the Ham! Neal Fraser’s Holiday Pork Shank

We trust the guy who threw last month's all-you-can-eat sirloin smorgasbord, Beefsteak 2012, to cook a hunk of meat worthy of our holiday feast.

Make This Now: The Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree

The wiener-studded Holiday centerpiece to beat all centerpieces.

Recipe: Convert Egg Nog Haters with Mohawk Bend’s “Egg Not”

The Echo Park restaurant's vegan version of the classic Christmas drink

And Now Jonathan Gold Is Acting

The Pulitzer Prize winning food critic will hit the Kirk Douglas Theater stage in "A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens!"