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Top Tickets: Danny Elfman, Afrika Bambaataa, Queens of the Stone Age

This week the best shows in L.A. include a hip-hop pioneer, a rocked out Halloween carnival, and more

Wanna Be in the N.W.A. Movie? Here’s Your Chance

Let's hope it's better than the recent TV movies about Saved By The Bell and Brittany Murphy

Meet Nocando, South Central’s Master Of Rhyme

L.A. rapper Nocando discusses tiger moms, battle rapping, and the stuff nobody talks about in hip-hop

Why Are All Those Rap Quotes Showing Up on L.A. Street Signs?

It's the typographical mayhem of artist Jay Shells.

N.W.A. Represents L.A. among Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

As the 2014 nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suggest, rock is a fluid genre, one that’s not carved set in stone.

The Vinyl Weighs a Ton but the Movie is Only 90 Minutes Long

Music meets the big screen in "Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton," a new documentary about Stones Throw Records

Music Video Monday: Kendrick Lamar – “Poetic Justice”

Can you spot all the visual references to L.A. in Compton native Kendrick Lamar's new video?

Hecho in El Lay: How Akwid Raps for a Changing City

The duo mixes West Coast hip-hop with Mexican brass band sounds