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Reagan Ranch

This former president's land will catch the interest of all political affiliations

Track Stars

Is it a mule deer, a raccoon, a bobcat, or a jackrabbit? Use this guide to find out, and keep an eye out on your next hike

San Gabriel Peak

See Pasadena from 4,000 feet up

Stough Canyon

Take a hike that's relaxing, refreshing and great for kids

Sturtevant Falls

Take an easy hike to find a stunning wall of water

Mount San Antonio

See for miles atop L.A. County’s highest point

Backbone Trail

Want to escape the crowded city streets? Leave it all behind by taking a stroll along Backbone Trail

Solstice Canyon

A trip to see the ruins of Tropical Terrace should be a hike set in stone

Mount Baden-Powell Trail

Feeling like a challenge? This 8-mile hike to the range's second-highest peak might be just what you're looking for

Topanga Canyon

There’s nothing quite like living in a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. Novelist Steve Erickson on why his neighborhood, Topanga, stands apart from the rest