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Hermosa Beach’s Most Beloved Dive Bar Has Shuttered After Almost 70 Years

Was one of the few dives in L.A. where you could watch the sunset
oil spill in Santa Barbara

South Bay Beaches Closed Due to Oil Blobs

It's too early to say if the masses are natural or a result of last week's oil spill in Santa Barbara

Día de Campo

We can now say we’re jellyfish fans

What to Eat at Día de Campo, Now Soft Open in Hermosa Beach

What chef Tin Vuong and Jed Sanford plan to serve at their new Mexican seafood surf lodge

Recipe: Mexican Toast by Chef Christina Cipres

Palmilla Cocina y Tequila in Hermosa Beach shares their crunchy cereal-French toast mash-up.

Here’s the Paperwork to Prove it: PETA *is* Suing Hot’s Kitchen for Serving Foie Gras

PETA is suing Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach for continuing to serve foie gras—duck or goose liver that’s been fattened by force-feeding—despite the statewide ban on it that was enacted this past July.

PETA Sues Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach for Serving Foie Gras

You can't sell foie gras in California, but can you give it away? Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach thinks so, PETA thinks not. Now, it's up to the courts to decide.

L.A.’s Best Beaches

We combed the coast for places you could escape to—without a boarding pass. Check out our top 10