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The Process to Install Heather Hutt on L.A. City Council Stinks

Cityside Column: Nury Martinez has her selection installed, but backers of suspended Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas are unlikely to back down

The L.A. City Council Is a House Divided After Voting on Heather Hutt

Cityside Column: A rift appears as panel President Nury Martinez tries to fill Mark Ridley-Thomas’ seat

L.A.’s Blistering Political Battle Over a Suspended Councilman Expands Into New Fronts

Cityside Column: Council reps are now questioning whether the city controller can legally withhold Mark Ridley-Thomas's salary ahead of his trial

District 10 Hurled Back In Time as Political Battle Royale Intensifies

Cityside Column: District 10 suffers, again, after a legal ruling as the fight over Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas 's seat continues
mark ridley-thomas

Attorney General Ruling Adds to the Heat in the Mark-Ridley-Thomas-Nury Martinez-Herb Wesson Battle

Cityside Column: Approval of a lawsuit could add more uncertainty to who will occupy a crucial council seat

Judge Blocks Herb Wesson’s Return to L.A. City Council

“Our day in court has arrived and with it another opportunity to defend voting rights and representation that is accountable to voters and equal protection and the presumption of innocence,” a plaintiff said.

Herb Wesson Adds a New Wrinkle to the Nury Martinez-Mark Ridley-Thomas Divide

Cityside Column: Heavy politics are at play as elected officials and community members duel over the fate of a suspended officeholder
supervisor district 2

Who’ll Be Next to Land a Coveted Spot on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors: Herb Wesson or Holly Mitchell?

The L.A. city councilman and the state senator are in a fight to the finish to rep the 2 million residents in the Second District
underpass boulders los angeles

An L.A. Neighborhood Is in Turmoil After Residents Place Boulders in an Underpass to Deter the Unhoused

An unofficial effort to keep tents from popping up under the highway in the Reynier Village neighborhood has caused citywide outcry
westfield century city shooter lapd police cops

L.A. Councilmembers Propose Replacing LAPD Officers with Service Providers on Some Calls

Motion co-author Herb Wesson says he anticipates the motion, inspired by recent activist outcry, will pass