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Sunday Night Dilemma: Mad Men vs. Game of Thrones

On Sunday, April 6, the 6th season of Mad Men debuts in a special two-hour episode. Even with DVRs and time-shifting technologies, discerning fans of cable drama will have to decide: Mad Men or Game of Thrones.

True Crime: Phil Spector’s Real Defense Attorney Weighs in on HBO Movie

"I got a call on my phone and someone said, 'Hello, Linda? This is Dave Mamet.' Your first reaction is, I’m being punked."

Top 10 Take-Homes from The Newsroom at PaleyFest

A sneak peak at the season two opener promises more to come of everything you love -- or hate -- about the show.

Girls vs. The Golden Globes

Who would you rather watch: the fictional Hannah Horvath or her real life alter-ego, Lena Dunham? On January 13, you'll sort of have to pick.

The F-Stop: Tracking the World’s Most Dedicated Photographers

I’ve always sort of dreamt of being a photojournalist. Going to dangerous hot spots, bringing back amazing images that change the way people see the world, having sexy affairs with international men of mystery…

Bill Simmons Shoots, He Scores

One of the Internet’s first success stories, the ESPN columnist writes about sports like he’s living in the cheap seats

Two Cents: Please Allow Bill Maher to Elaborate

The comedian talks George W. Bush, Amazon, and why he prefers L.A. over New York