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Chris Albrecht on Leave from Legendary Following Abuse Allegations

A new book reveals ugly allegations from Albrecht's alleged past, like choking women, while the exec denies it, saying it's rehashed lies
Larry David with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" guest star Tracy Ullman

How ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Almost Killed Larry David

Showrunner Jeff Schaffer details a death scene they shot in case Season 11 was the last of the hit HBO comedy

A ‘Game of Thrones’ Sequel About Jon Snow is Reportedly in Development

This would be one of eight series that HBO is producing in the "Game of Thrones" universe and the only known sequel to the smash hit.
The Zen Teachings of George Carlin

The Zen Teachings of George Carlin, a Comedian Who Pointed the Way

New HBO documentary ”George Carlin’s American Dream” takes viewers on a tour through the life and career of one of the greatest comedians of all time, whose legend will only grow as humanity continues to digest the lessons he left behind

‘Barry’ Season 3 Review: Bill Hader’s Hit Comedy is Darker, Meaner, and Funny As Ever

"Reminiscent of the early days of Breaking Bad, the HBO comedy is heightening the stakes and quickening the pace as Barry uncontrollably barrels towards his rock bottom."

Bad Actor Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for $650 Million Hollywood Ponzi Scheme

Zachary Horwitz confessed to faking deals with Netflix and HBO in a scam that ran six years
white lotus

HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ Is Getting a Season Two—but There’s a Catch

A new batch of self-absorbed travelers and long-suffering hotel staffers will reportedly meet in a different setting
i'll be gone in the dark

A New Episode of ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ Is a Call to Action in Another Unsolved Murder

Before she set out to solve the mystery of the Golden State Killer, author and investigator Michelle McNamara was shaped by the Kathy Lombardo case
meg stalter

Meg Stalter’s Awkward Characters Were the Breakout Stars of a Weird Year

Now the Instagram-famous comedian brings her knack for embodying blithely clueless people to HBO's 'Hacks'
showtime lakers show

An Upcoming HBO Show About the 1980s Lakers Is Packed with Big Names

Jason Segel, John C. Reilly, and Sally Field have signed on for a series about the team's so-called "Showtime" era