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stranger things netflix

What to Stream: ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi,’ ‘Pistol’

For millions of Netflix users, the question of what to stream this weekend will have a simple, two-word answer: Stranger Things, the coming-of-age drama that's grown to become one...
bling empire netflix

What to Stream: ‘Bling Empire,’ ‘Essex Serpent,’ ‘Operation Mincemeat’

The biggest new TV series and movies to stream this weekend include Season 2 of Netflix's reality show "Bling Empire."
Tehran Apple TV plus

What to Stream: ‘Tehran,’ ‘The Big Conn,’ ‘The Circle,’ ‘Girls5Eva’

The best TV shows and movies this week include two ambitious series on Apple TV+, a spy thriller and a true-crime docuseries
ozark netflix

What to Stream: ‘Ozark,’ ‘The Offer,’ ‘Made for Love’

The best TV shows and movies this week include the highly anticipated final seven episodes of Ozark, Season 4
the flight attendant HBO Max

What to Stream: ‘The Flight Attendant,’ ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Russian Doll’

The best TV shows and movies this week include Kaley Cuoco returning in her critically acclaimed role on HBOMax and more Bob Odenkirk

‘Barry’ Season 3 Review: Bill Hader’s Hit Comedy is Darker, Meaner, and Funny As Ever

"Reminiscent of the early days of Breaking Bad, the HBO comedy is heightening the stakes and quickening the pace as Barry uncontrollably barrels towards his rock bottom."
white lotus

Someone’s Gotta Die on ‘The White Lotus’ Finale—but Does It Really Matter Who?

TV's most compelling show comes to an end on Sunday, but its big reveal is probably beside the point
white lotus

HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ Is Getting a Season Two—but There’s a Catch

A new batch of self-absorbed travelers and long-suffering hotel staffers will reportedly meet in a different setting
the hype

Streetwear Competition ‘The Hype’ Is Good Fashion TV

L.A. is well represented on the new series