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Fear Factory: Five Frightening Halloween Hangouts

Temples of horror built to suit all types of thrill seekers.

Halloween Haul: The Sweet Science of Trick or Treating

In a rigorously controlled double-blind study, a team of pint-size analysts count the contents of a night’s worth of trick-or-treat bags

Halloween: How to Become The Walking Dead

Oscar-winning special makeup effects artist Rick Baker (Men in Black, Hellboy) has joined forces with MAC Cosmetics. He offers beyond-the-costume tips

Halloween: How to Creep Out Your House

Production designer Corey Kaplan (the X-Files, Cold Case) shares her secrets, plus where to score the ghoulish stuff

Halloween: Your Neighborhood Guide to Trick or Treating

Follow the crowds to these mean streets. The scenery’s to die for.

Monster Bash: Your Halloween Dance Party Finder

Want some DJ with your dress-up? Three worthy places to party down.