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Boney Island: The Magic of One of L.A.’s Best DIY Haunted Houses

A fortune teller, a flock of skeletal hummingbirds, and a glow-in-the-dark water show are all part of this elaborate setup.

Behold Toluca Lake’s Trick or Treating Madness

Certain neighborhoods are legendary for pulling out all the stops on Halloween. Toluca Lake is one of them.

16 Ways to Spend the Weekend in L.A.: Zombies, Giants, Sriracha, Haunted Houses and More!

On the last weekend before Halloween, get your fill of with costume balls, haunted houses, corn mazes, freaky films, and more scaretastic events.

Bring Out the Dead: Dia de Los Muertos in Los Angeles

Have a celebration at home with these regional dishes.

Living Leaders Portray Dead Leaders At Long Beach Cemetery Tour

Politicians practice the election circle of life

5 Freaky Film Events for Your Pre-Halloween Fever

Craving sanguine splashes and ear-searing shrieks? This week, the Halloween celebration goes into overdrive as local haunts put screams on the big screen.

Halloween 2013: Dia de Los Muertos

Commemorate and honor the dead by building altars to loved ones who have passed, dancing the night away, and enjoying great food and drink in the spirit of the Day of the Dead.

Halloween 2013: Costume & Dance Parties

Halloween can't be all scare all the time. Let your hair down and get wild at the most frightfully thrilling Halloween-themed parties, soirées, and get-togethers L.A. has to offer.

MamaLA: We’ve Been BOOed!

An October tradition that gets the candy giving going well before Halloween

Halloween 2013: Private Haunted Houses

In addition to all the big league haunted houses haunting up your own home and opening it to the public has become a staple of Halloween fun.