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Halloween 2013: Movie Events

Grab a bucket of popcorn and hunker down in one of L.A.'s many movie theaters for a fright-filled flick.

Halloween 2013: Assorted Scaretastic Events

This year's grab-bag of scare-tastic Halloween events includes a zombie walk, Victorian mysticism, and a rocking Halloween half-marathon.

Halloween 2013: Corn Mazes

Getting lost is almost never any fun. Except for when you're in a corn maze! Get lost in the most elaborately constructed, labyrinthine corn mazes in the region.

Halloween 2013: Family Friendly Events

Halloween isn't all scare. There are plenty of things to do with the entire family to celebrate the holiday in not-too terrifying-ways.

Through the Years: Images of a Hollywood Halloween

In her spare time, the production designer on Scandal and the X-Files spends every October 31st photographing Halloween in L.A.