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Six Years Later, Why is California’s Red Flag Gun Law Failing?

California’s “Red Flag” law was introduced in 2016, but so far San Diego seems to be the only jurisdiction using it effectively

Two Busted in Karen Bass Home Break-in and Gun Theft

Mayoral candidate Karen Bass says her “safety was shattered” after the two suspects were taken into custody

Rapper PnB Rock Murdered in South L.A. Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles

The Philadelphia born-and-raised rapper was eating at the restaurant when he was shot during an apparently targeted robbery attempt

‘Law & Order’ Crew Member Shot Dead on Location in Brooklyn

Greenpoint residents thought it was just part of the show when shots rang out early Tuesday morning, but it was real life NYC

Video: Robber Shot Dead in 4-on-1 Gunfight at Compton Smoke Shop

Four gunmen tried to rob a store in Compton found and out that the employee they were trying to rob was also armed, and a better shot
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An Appeals Court Shoots Down California’s Voter-Approved Ban on High-Capacity Magazines

Trump-appointed judge Kenneth Lee said the ban does not "pass constitutional muster"
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A-Listers Fearing the Worst Are Flocking to See Hollywood’s Go-To Gun Guy

A #MeToo scandal hasn't kept the rich and famous from prepping for the apocalypse at Taran Butler's ranch
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In California, Background Checks for Guns Ballooned by 72 Percent Last Month

Amid the coronavirus crisis, new gun buyers are getting strapped
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Coronavirus Has Inspired a Run on Guns in Los Angeles

Locals lining up to purchase firearms amid the coronavirus outbreak—many of them first-time buyers—have everything from the L.A. riots to 'The Walking Dead' on their minds
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Two Dead, Several Injured in Santa Clarita High School Shooting

One died and three were injured in the shooting on Thursday morning. A 16-year-old suspect has been apprehended.