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Newsom Signs Legislation Allowing Citizens to Sue Gun Manufacturers

The governor said he believes the law will be safe from Supreme Court action because of its similarity to Texas’ abortion legislation

Applying for a Gun Permit in NY? Hand Over Your Social Accounts

In NY, concealed carry applicants will soon need to have their social media reviewed so that their "character and conduct" may be judged

New California Laws On Ghost Guns And School Start Times Begin July 1

The laws stem from the 770 bills that were signed in October by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Senate Passes Gun Reform, Newsom Blasts SCOTUS Pro-Gun Ruling

Supreme Court makes concealed carry easier as Senate passes gun reform and Newsom says he's got more anti-gun legislation locked and loaded

FBI Raids SoCal Home of Alleged Would-Be Justice Kavanaugh Killer

On Wednesday, Nicholas John Roske was arrested by police officers in Montgomery County, Maryland with a firearm in his suitcase.
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Coronavirus Has Inspired a Run on Guns in Los Angeles

Locals lining up to purchase firearms amid the coronavirus outbreak—many of them first-time buyers—have everything from the L.A. riots to 'The Walking Dead' on their minds
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Pressed on Recent Gun Deaths, a Pissed-Off Pelosi Says “Go Ask Mitch”

The Speaker of the House gave an impassioned response to a question about Congress's inaction on gun violence
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Los Angeles City Council Pulls the Trigger on New Gun Control Measure

The councilman behind L.A.’s latest firearms laws tells us he’s not ready to “let the issue rest”
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City Council Vote Makes Gun Ownership Less Rambo, More Yosemite Sam

New gun control measures follow the city’s efforts to lead on national issues like immigration reform and the minimum wage