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Spooky, Sexy Accessories You Can Wear Before and After Halloween

We've picked a casket of accessories for you to carry and wear on the 31st

Coyotes, Cows, Carp, and Coral Trees: 300 Years of Nature in Los Angeles

The presentation by Charles Hood and Andy Wilcox on urban flora and fauna includes a walk in Griffith Park
Shrine Temple

How to Restore Your Balance in L.A.

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A Complete Timeline of the Greek Theatre Controversy

As of next year, the city will ”self-operate” the venue

The Secret Life of L.A.’s Wildlife in Pictures

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter recalls his 15-month experience trying to snap the perfect picture of P22

The City Is Encouraging Tourists to Drive to Griffith Park

To the dismay of many, officials open up a mile of Mt. Hollywood Drive to vehicular traffic

Griffith Park Has a New George Harrison Memorial Tree

The Beatle’s lost pine has been reincarnated (sort of)